children and teacherAs a teacher for over twenty years, I understand the value of writing activities that both motivate children and teach important life-long skills. Playful writing activities are designed to be integrated within a project-based classroom encouraging children to tap into their interests and provide choices to write for authentic purposes. In addition, many of these activities encourage group work and collaboration as a part of playful learning.

Playful Writing and Common Core State Standards

Although this site is meant to plant and share seeds of ideas for playful writing. I am also conscious of the need for teachers to ensure writing activities chosen for classroom use are connected to standards, in most cases the Common Core State Standards. Each activity is meant as a sketch that allows you the flexibility to adapt it to increase many of the standard components depending on your learners and your goals for instruction. The following chart provides a sampling of how the activities of this blog correlate with the CCSS Writing Standards. Reading, Speaking and Listening, and Science standardsĀ  can also be correlated to these activities.

Common Core State ELA Writing Standards Correlation
Common Core Writing Standards Link: http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/W/introduction





Shadow Stories adventure, animals, science http://bit.ly/UCoYnF W.3, W.5, W.7, W.10
Jack Pumpkinhead adventure, fantasy/fairytales http://bit.ly/UCplPa W.3, W.4, W.5, W.9, W.10
For the Birds adventure, animals/nature, science, humor http://bit.ly/VqaqqW W.2, W.3, W.4, W.5, W.8, W.10
Pirate Adventure adventure http://bit.ly/VrtAto W.3, W.4, W.5, W.10
Fairy Tale Dress-Up adventure, fantasy/fairytales http://bit.ly/Vqb6N0 W.3, W.4, W.5, W.9, W.10
Who You Going to Call? adventure, writing games http://bit.ly/RoQ94K W.3, W.4, W.5, W.6, W.7, W.8, W.9, W.10
Adventure Props adventure, writing games http://bit.ly/VqdWBE W.3, W.4, W.5, W.6, W.10
Big Animal Adventures adventure, animals/nature http://bit.ly/10Bv6jf W.2, W.3, W.4, W.5, W.6, W.7, W.8, W.10
Off to See the Wizard adventure, fantasy/fairytale http://bit.ly/Vjymtt W.3, W.4, W.5, W.6, W.9, W.10
Bag Buddies animals/nature http://bit.ly/YCkdbB W.3, W.4, W.5, W.6, W.10
Magnificent Museum animals/nature, science http://bit.ly/ZMNczH W.2, W.4, W.5, W.7, W.8, W.10
Animal Riddle Poems animals, poetry, writing games http://bit.ly/RoTv7R W.4, W.5, W.6, W.8, W.10
Magic Wands, Magic Words fantasy/fairytales http://bit.ly/VjC728 W.3, W.4, W.5, W., W.10
Stick People Adventure adventure, fantasy/fairytale http://bit.ly/Z1CsME W.3, W.4, W.5, W.6, W.10
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