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Chicken in the Grass

Instead of hangman, this game is just as fun as children try to spell the word before the chicken is created. Drawing and naming shapes, including circle, oval, trapezoid, and triangle are reinforced as an extra bonus!

What You Need: paper & pencils or any other surface and markers: Optional: vocabulary or spelling lists

Play to Write!

This game is played the same way as hangman, except no harm results to the chicken!diagram of game

  1. The leader chooses a word for other players to try and figure out. The correct number of letter spaces are drawn linearly across the page. For instance if the word is “camp”, four spaces are drawn.
  2. The next player, guesses a letter in the word. If the letter is included, it is placed in the correct position, as the “c” placed in the first space.
  3. If the letter is not included, the first shape of the chicken is drawn (the oval body).
  4. Play continues until the word is identified, or the chicken is drawn in the grass.
    game example
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Professor Dictionary Game

Dust off a dictionary for a game that makes learning new words fun.
What You Need: a dictionary, paper strips and pencils, 3 or more players

image of dictionary

Here is all you need to play Professor Dictionary


One person starts as the Professor Dictionary by locating an interesting word found in the dictionary that no one knows the definition.

Professor Dictionary writes the real definition on a slip of paper. If there are several different definitions, the first one or easiest to understand is good enough.

Everyone else writes their best idea for the definition of the word on strips of paper.

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