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Playful Writing Book Now Available!

Playful Writing Cover image

Writing for fun and discovery!

Find 150 playful writing explorations for young children. Activities include a creative start and uses writing as a natural extension of self-expression, and playful encounters. Prompts and guiding questions keep children writing for real purposes children care about. Each activity includes Early Writer ideas for those emergent learners, as well as Ready Writer activities for those ready for more advanced and complete writing projects.

The playful writing activities are organized into 15 chapters. That include a combination of informational and fictional writing experiences. Take a look!

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Fe Fi Fo Fun! Fairy Tale Rhymes

Using rhymes in fairy tales gives a story a special rhythm. Create fairy tale characters and make up rhymes your  characters might say to make a wish or use to find their way.

Jack and the Beanstalk Fe Fi Fo Rhyme

Jack and the Beanstalk famous Fe Fi Fo Fum Rhyme

What You Need: drawing paper, pencils, pens, fairly tales

Play! Draw and create your own fairy tale characters. Choose your favorite character. Decide how this character might fit into a fairy tale you already know, or make up your own story.

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Adult Playful Writing

Try taking some time to enjoy a little playful writing during the holidays and winter break. Donald Graves, a guru in writing education, stressed the importance of discovery writing for teachers. When we allow ourselves time to write openly and playfully, we become better at facilitating writing experiences for children.
Here are a few ideas:

Start playful writing journal to explore interesting ideas, new discoveries, dreams, and musings.
Collect bits and parts of writing you have as notes, lists, journals, papers, etc. Cut apart pieces and combine into a creative reconstructed poem, story or collage that includes photos/ pictures.
Design your idea of the perfect vacation, house, bicycle, work space, or any other place or object. Describe this detail and explore your desires.
Imagine yourself as one of the characters in a favorite tv show, movie or novel. Write a scene with yourself as a character.
Create a holiday story with children. Use traditional charters in new situations or makeup new characters. Use the story to make an illustrated book, create puppets to act it out, or put on a family holiday skit.
Artful Writing- bring out the colored pencils, markers, and pens and create a combination of drawing and words to explore an idea, interest, or space.

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