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Cartoon Self-Portraits for Back to School

I like to start the year off with cartoon self-portraits. It is a way for kids to put bright big personalized art work on the walls and give themselves some classroom identity, while also having fun with exaggeration. In this activity children also an exaggerated summer vacation story to go with their cartoons.

What You Need: paper grocery bags or other large recycled paper, tempera paint, brushes, cups of water, small handheld mirrors

photo of cartoon face art

Cartoon self-portraits are a fun activity any time or the first week of school!


  1. Children look at themselves in the mirrors and choose what features they want to exaggerate in their self-portraits to create cartoon faces.
  2. Draw the outlines of the face and features with pencil on the opened grocery bags.
  3. Go over the pencil lines with black paint. Allow to dry.
  4. Fill in the face features with other colors.
  5. Place finished faces around the room or on a bulletin board.

Write About It! Continue reading

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Cartoon Self-Portraits

Self portraits can be awkward and hard to get just right. So lighten up and exaggerate your best features by making a cartoon self-portrait.
What you need:
mirrors, brown paper or recycled paper bags, black paint, paint brushes, oil pastels

  • Have fun making silly faces to each other and into the mirrors to see how to exaggerate expressions of surprise, happiness, worry, shyness, and other other emotions you wish.
  • Choose an exaggerated face to draw on the brown paper, the larger the better.
  • Paint over the main lines with black paint for an outline cartoon effect
  • When dry, fill in spaces with colorful oil pastels

Write About It!

Place the cartoon portraits on a wall and stand back to admire the work. What kind of emotions are being shown by the cartoon faces? Pretend the portraits are talking; what do they want to say? Cut out large cartoon talk bubbles to create funny cartoon conversations between the portraits.

Hint: Recycle old laminated posters or projects to make wipe-off talk bubbles.  Vis-Vis pens wipe of with a damp cloth for lots of conversation changes. You might want to have a dialogue switch where everyone changes what they are saying at a given time throughout the day.

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