Turkey Talk!

These delightful puppets make great props for lots of turkey writing fun.

What You Need:
small paper lunch bag, scraps of recycled colored paper, scissors, glue

Directions:turkey puppet image

1.Turn paper bag upside down. Insert your hand to see how the flap works as a mount.
2.Cut out shapes from colored paper for eyes, beak, and wattle. Glue to the bag as shown.
3.Cut out wings and glue to each side.
4.Cut out feather shapes and glue to the back of the puppet.
Let’s Write!
Turkey Interviews:
1.Write a list of 6 questions for your turkey puppet to answer.
2.Write out the answers to these questions from the turkey’s point of view. Research as needed to find out how the turkey might answer the question.
3.Write the questions and answers into a script.
4.interview with one student being the interview and another student using their puppet to answer the questions. Switch places!
5.Practice until you are ready to record or video tape your interviews. Share!
Other Ideas:
  • Write turkey jokes and riddles. Use puppets to put on a comedy show.
  • Write a Thanksgiving turkey escape story. Use turkey puppets to act out a favorite scene.
  • Write a song about turkeys. Have the puppet sing the lyrics.

Find more Turkey Time learning fun at: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Turkey-Time-Thanksgiving-Learning-Fun-957677

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