Fe Fi Fo Fun! Fairy Tale Rhymes

Using rhymes in fairy tales gives a story a special rhythm. Create fairy tale characters and make up rhymes your  characters might say to make a wish or use to find their way.

Jack and the Beanstalk Fe Fi Fo Rhyme

Jack and the Beanstalk famous Fe Fi Fo Fum Rhyme

What You Need: drawing paper, pencils, pens, fairly tales

Play! Draw and create your own fairy tale characters. Choose your favorite character. Decide how this character might fit into a fairy tale you already know, or make up your own story.

Write About It!

Read and collect fairy tale rhymes and riddles used in your favorite fairy tales. How are the rhymes used in the story?

Now it’s your turn. Write a rhyme for your own character to say. Make up rhymes your fairy tale character might say to make a wish, find their way, or for another character to solve as a riddle. Repeat this rhyme in your story three times to follow a fairy tale story-telling pattern.

The man and the fish drawing and rhyme

Another Famous Rhyme from the Fisherman and the Fish

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