Write a Superhero Story

Super Hero to the Rescue!

Think of the superheroes you know from comics, movies, and television. If you think they are fun to watch, they are even more fun to create!

What You Need: large sheet of butcher paper or cardboard, poster paints, paintbrush

Play!cartoon child drawing a superhero

  1. Draw a large outline of a super hero on your paper or cardboard. You can draw it freehand or find an adult to trace around.
  2. Use paint to add details.

Write About It!

  1. Describe what your super hero looks like.
  2. Write about your super hero’s special powers. Is your hero extra smart, extra strong, or have other special powers
  3. How did your super hero get to be so super? Write about the first time your hero discovered he or she had special powers?
  4. Uh, oh. Someone needs to be saved. Describe a problem in need of a super solution.
  5. How does your superhero use special powers to save the day?
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