Magical Wand Words

Magical wands add sparkle to play and writing.

Image of girl with magic wandPlay!

Make a magic wand for lots of swishing magical pretend. Use a stick with any type of star attached to the end for a traditional fairy tale wand. Don’t forget to glue lots of glitter to make a sparkle.

Now that you have a wand, what kind of magic do you want to make? Play and pretend then write your magic wand stories to share.

Write About It!

Story Starter: Tell about your magic wand. Did someone special give it to you or did you find it? Did you know how it worked right away or did you have to practice?

Poof! What do you use your magic wand to change? How can you make a difference with your wand? Tell about the magic you create.

Magical Endings: How will you end your magical story? How does the magic solve problems and make things different? What will you use your magic wand next?

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