Writing Jump Start Podcast: Motivation

pencil drawingWriting Jump Start Podcast

Welcome to the first edition of Writing Jump Starts, a podcast on teaching writing. I’m Rebecca Olien the creator and moderator. As a teacher and author of over fifty books for children and educators, I have picked up a few tips and insights along the way I’d like to share. I hope you enjoy listening!

Episode 1: Motivation

What does it take to motivate children to want to write? Listen to this podcast for motivation tips for teaching writing that just may jump start your own writing.

Stay Tuned for Future Episodes…

  • Writing and Technology
  • Global Connections
  • Kids Find Their Voice
  • Writing for Making a Point
  • Fun Collaborative Writing Projects
  • Painless Editing and Revision
  • How to Motivate Kids and Meet the Common Core Writing Standards

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