Blast Off Space Adventure

This play to write activity is out of this world!
Play! Create the setting, characters, and rocket for playing out a space adventure.

a clothespin, markers, plastic spray bottle top, foil, pipe cleaner
rocket: cylinder can or tube, construction paper, cardboard
space creature:
clay or any other materials you choose!

Make an astronaut:

  • draw a face on the round top
  • wrap a pipe cleaner around the clothespin for arms
  • dress the clothespin in a foil spacesuit
  • add a plastic top for a helmet

Make a Spaceship: Glue construction paper around a potato chip can or cardboard tube. Add a paper cone top and cardboard fins. Tape a paper cone to the top. Tip: If you want a spaceship that is more sturdy, use a cylinder can like the kind potato chips come in. This makes a good secure place for your astronaut to travel in too!

Make a Space Creature: Space creatures can be made anyway you like. It is up to your imagination! The one in the photo is clay, but you might want to make one that can fit inside the spaceship in case they want to travel together in your story.

Write About It!
Start the Adventure:
What does your astronaut have to do to prepare for the space adventure? What is destination and mission for this journey?

Lift Off! Share the launch and travel as the astronaut hurls through space in the spaceship. What is the astronaut feeling and seeing while traveling to the new planet? Where will the rocket land? You could have the rocket land in new worlds created in with a land of towels, outdoors in your yard, or the landscape of your bed.

Stranger in a Strange Land: What happens when the spaceship lands? What is the first thing the astronaut notices? How does the astronaut meet the space creature? Is there danger? How do they communicate? What do they tell each other? What happens if they misunderstand each other?

Ending: How does the astronaut finish the mission? Does the space creature want the astronaut to leave? What does the astronaut decide to do? What does the space creature do?

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2 thoughts on “Blast Off Space Adventure

  1. Steph

    I completed this activity with both my 3 year old (boy) and 7 year old (girl). They made the astronaut and spaceship together, then completed the writing part separately. My 3 year old enjoyed playing as he hid the astronaut inside the spaceship because the astronaut was afraid of the bad guys. After he played I had to “write” about the astronaut and his spaceship. He drew circles and scribbles as he said “5-4-3-2-1, blast off!”

    Next I completed the activity with my daughter. She loves to write and wanted to go right into writing a story. Her story was about an astronaut that discovers a new planet, the home of Glitter Girl. Glitter Girl is a superhero who turns invisible and spies the bad guys. Glitter Girl went back to earth with the astronaut to help fight crime.

    After she read her story the activity progressed as my 7 year old wanted to make a Glitter Girl cape for herself. So we went into what we call the craft junk room and made a cape out of glittery fabric that was left over from a previous project.

    Both my 3 year old and 7 year old loved the activity and it was fun to see how each of them made it their own. For each child I thought I modified it to work for their age, but I also let them lead the activity to see where they would take it.

    • Thanks for posting your experience with this activity! These activities are meant to work as seeds for children’s natural curiosity and imagination. I love the way you allowed and encouraged each of your children to make this experience their own.

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