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Writing Jump Start Podcast: Motivation

pencil drawingWriting Jump Start Podcast

Welcome to the first edition of Writing Jump Starts, a podcast on teaching writing. I’m Rebecca Olien the creator and moderator. As a teacher and author of over fifty books for children and educators, I have picked up a few tips and insights along the way I’d like to share. I hope you enjoy listening!

Episode 1: Motivation

What does it take to motivate children to want to write? Listen to this podcast for motivation tips for teaching writing that just may jump start your own writing.

Stay Tuned for Future Episodes…

  • Writing and Technology
  • Global Connections
  • Kids Find Their Voice
  • Writing for Making a Point
  • Fun Collaborative Writing Projects
  • Painless Editing and Revision
  • How to Motivate Kids and Meet the Common Core Writing Standards

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Blast Off Space Adventure

This play to write activity is out of this world!
Play! Create the setting, characters, and rocket for playing out a space adventure.

a clothespin, markers, plastic spray bottle top, foil, pipe cleaner
rocket: cylinder can or tube, construction paper, cardboard
space creature:
clay or any other materials you choose!

Make an astronaut:

  • draw a face on the round top
  • wrap a pipe cleaner around the clothespin for arms
  • dress the clothespin in a foil spacesuit
  • add a plastic top for a helmet

Make a Spaceship: Glue construction paper around a potato chip can or cardboard tube. Add a paper cone top and cardboard fins. Tape a paper cone to the top. Tip: If you want a spaceship that is more sturdy, use a cylinder can like the kind potato chips come in. This makes a good secure place for your astronaut to travel in too!

Make a Space Creature: Space creatures can be made anyway you like. It is up to your imagination! The one in the photo is clay, but you might want to make one that can fit inside the spaceship in case they want to travel together in your story.

Write About It! Continue reading

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Playful Learning

Professor Stephen Heppell at Bournemouth University on the importance of playful learning at school and at home.
How do you feel about playful learning? Any suggestions, ideas, or insights of your own?

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