Animal Riddle Valentines

Riddles are fun to write and create, especially animal riddles for Valentine’s Day.

What You Need: scrap paper, glue, scissors, thesaurus (print or online- not essential))

valentine deer made of hearts

A valentine dear to the heart!

Play! 1. Cut out lots of different sizes, shapes, and colors of hearts.
2. Arrange hearts into animal shapes and glue onto a white piece of paper.
3. Next, write your riddle or riddle poem (see Write About It) and place on the paper next to your Valentine animal.
4. You can also make these into clever cards. Put the riddle on the outside and open the card to find the Valentine animal inside.

Write About It!
Brainstorm a list of words to describe your Valentine animal. Think about what it looks like, sounds like, where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.
Next, think about words from the animal’s point of view. What does your animal see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and do?
Look up synonyms for some of the words in the thesaurus for different interesting words to express characteristics of the animal.
Use all your brainstorms to write a riddle of riddle poem. To write a riddle you might just list a few sentences about your animal and end with “Guess who?”.

I am tiny.
I scurry and hurry.
You can find me in the meadow.
My whiskers twitch to find my way.
Who am I? (mouse)

After trying these, you might have even more fun with Valentine riddle poems.
Simply find words to end the lines that rhyme. Write the poems in paired lines to make a couplet poem like this one:

I am cold and wet to touch.
I like pond bugs very much.

In the water I am swishy.
Here I am, a Valentine ___________. (fishy)

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