Shadow Stories

Turn shadows into fun story characters with nothing more than the flap and wave of fingers, a

bright wall, and a dark night (or dark room!).

What You Need: lamp or flashlights, wall or ceiling


Darkness comes early on these wintery days. With a little light projected onto a wall and lots of imagination, children have lots of fun creating shadow animals and other story characters.
Try out these old time favorites and soon children will be making up their own versions or birds, animals, and people.

shadow animals: elephant, rabbit, bird, and dog

Try these classic animal shadows!

Once the children have their own favorite characters, encourage them to interact with each other to let the stories begin!

Write About It!

  • Young writers capture these shadowy tales by writing their stories as shadow plays. These same stories can be retold with different characters or put into action with larger cardboard shadow puppet cutouts to perform for family, friends, or classmates.
  • Children write animal riddles. They then showing off the animal shadows, while a partner reads the riddle clues for others to guess.
  • Add science exploration by guiding children to explore how to make their shadows larger, smaller, darker, and lighter. What ways can they make their shadow characters dance and move using the light source? Make notes about the discoveries in a science notebook.
  • For full size shadow plays, hang a sheet up in the corner of a room. With a darkened room and a lamp behind the sheet the children themselves become the shadow characters in skits they write and create.
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