Turkey Gobbler Cartoons and Riddles

My students have great fun creating cartoon turkeys this time of year. There are many ways to draw a turkey. Once the

Drawing of turkey cartoons.

Turkey cartoons ready to say their mind.

children have their favorite version they are set to make their drawings into characters for turkey riddles and silly cartoons.

What You Need: paper, pencils and pens, pictures of turkeys are helpful but not necessary


Provide lots of paper and pencils to engage in a drawing circle where everyone contributes ideas and makes sketches of turkeys. Talk about the kind of feathers, neck, head, bodies, and feet a turkey has. Encourage exaggeration in order for the drawings to begin looking like cartoon birds. This also helps the perfectionist from getting too worried about realistic detail.

Write About It!

Use the cartoons as featured characters in a humorous cartoon or Thanksgiving riddle. Brainstorm funny situations and riddle beginnings in order to generate lots of possibilities.

  • Starting with a question is also a great way to generate ideas for jokes or riddles:
  • What did the turkey say to the farmer?
  • How did the turkey disguise himself on Thanksgiving? What did the father turkey say to his son?
  • When is a turkey thankful?
  • What is the best day for a turkey?

Children enjoy creating cartoons with blank speech bubbles for friends to fill-in. A plastic page can be placed on top of the cartoon so the cartoon can be changed over and over with a wipe of a damp cloth.

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