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Shadow Stories

Turn shadows into fun story characters with nothing more than the flap and wave of fingers, a

bright wall, and a dark night (or dark room!).

What You Need: lamp or flashlights, wall or ceiling


Darkness comes early on these wintery days. With a little light projected onto a wall and lots of imagination, children have lots of fun creating shadow animals and other story characters.
Try out these old time favorites and soon children will be making up their own versions or birds, animals, and people.

shadow animals: elephant, rabbit, bird, and dog

Try these classic animal shadows!

Once the children have their own favorite characters, encourage them to interact with each other to let the stories begin! Continue reading

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Turkey Gobbler Cartoons and Riddles

My students have great fun creating cartoon turkeys this time of year. There are many ways to draw a turkey. Once the

Drawing of turkey cartoons.

Turkey cartoons ready to say their mind.

children have their favorite version they are set to make their drawings into characters for turkey riddles and silly cartoons.

What You Need: paper, pencils and pens, pictures of turkeys are helpful but not necessary


Provide lots of paper and pencils to engage in a drawing circle where everyone contributes ideas and makes sketches of turkeys. Talk about the kind of feathers, neck, head, bodies, and feet a turkey has. Encourage exaggeration in order for the drawings to begin looking like cartoon birds. This also helps the perfectionist from getting too worried about realistic detail.

Write About It!
Continue reading

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