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Back to School Game

Wow! It’s that time again. One way I have found to integrate playful writing in these early back to school days is to have kids create a game and make up the rules so everyone has fun playing it. This is an easy way for children to understand the need for some classroom rules as well. Everyone wins when the rules are understood and created to ensure everyone is safe, respected, and has fun.

Photo of game materials

Choose easy to find objects for creative game materials.

What You Need: An assortment of objects such as: plastic spoons, paper cups, cotton balls, ping-pong balls, checkers, jacks, etc.


1. Children work in groups of three to four. Each group has a collection of the same objects.

2. The group has a set amount of time (15 minutes or so) to create a game using the as many of the objects they would like.

3. The game is practiced and the goal of the games and directions are agreed upon.

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