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For the Birds!

It is the season for birds singing, building nests, and strutting their feathers. Join in the action with your own silly bird who wants to join the flock!
What You Need: Colorful tag board, pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, stapler Optional: googly eye, feathers, paper fastener


Photo of paper bird.

How do you think the big pink bird will fit in with the goldfinch on the feeder?

Use your imagination to create a colorful bird from colored tag board. Add some fun moveable parts by attaching wings to the body with a paper fastener and gluing on googly eyes. Bend pipe cleaners into legs and feet that cling to branches or other objects. These can be stapled to the body. Make your bird bright, bold and silly looking by adding other embellishments.

Now play with your bird in different outdoor locations to help you think of funny situations your bird might get into in nature.

Write About It!

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Pirate Adventure

Write a seafaring adventure with plenty of action and a pirate fit to shiver yer timbers!

pirate drawing

How many things were added to make this character look like a pirate?


Make a pirate ship out of a shoe box. Add cardboard on the sides in the shape of a ship’s sides. Use globs of clay in the the box to hold up sticks with paper sails.  All set… Now make some characters to act out your story.

Draw characters on thin cardboard or tagboard. Be sure to include details that make your characters come to life. How does a pirate dress? What else makes a character a pirate. How about a parrot, a chest of gold, a wooden leg….
What other characters do you need for your story? More pirates? A stowaway? A monkey? You decide…. Continue reading

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