Fairy Tale Dress-Up

Playing dress-up is a great way to play the part and create colorful fairy tale characters to use in all kinds of magical stories.
What You Need: A play box full of fairy-tale inspired clothes and accessories.

Here are some ideas…

  • Fabric pieces and scarfs to use for capes, wings, shawls, sashes…
  • Cardboard cones, coins, wings, crowns, magic wands…
  • Hats- all sorts
  • Easy pull-on clothes
  • Vests
  • Old Halloween costumes
  • Dance costumes
  • Stuffed toy frog
Two girls dressed up in costumes

Two fairy tale characters prepared for adventure and magic.

Play! Try on different combination of outfits. Use safety pins and Velcro to help in the designs. All the time think about the character you are creating. How does this character fit into a fairy tale story? What does the character want in the story? What kind of magic will help? What other fairy tale characters do you meet? Make accessories as inspired by the character.

Act out stories until you have lots of ideas to write your own fairy tale.

Write About It!

Once Upon a Time

Write from the character’s point of view. Where does the fairy tale begin? (The forest, a cottage, a castle, a boat…) What does the character need to accomplish? (Save a princess, capture a dragon, rescue a family member, find a treasure, save a kingdom?…)

Fairy Tale Magic What does your character do to solve the problem? Who can help? What kind of magic does your character find or use?

Happy Endings How does the character save the day?

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