Bag Buddies

Recycle those paper bags into creative animal costumes. Perrrfect for a play you write and act for friends, family, or classmates.

Photo of two children wearing paper bag animal costumes.

Ready to act like cats!

What You Need: grocery-sized paper bags, markers, scissors, tape


With just a few supplies turn paper bags into an animal costume of your choice!

Use one bag for the animal’s head. Draw on features, cut eye holes, and add ears, whiskers, horns or other features of the chosen animal. Cut out holes or slots for arms. Cut extra holes in the back and sides for ventilation. Turn another bag upside down and cut a hole big enough to pull up for the bottom half of the animal. Add markings, stripes, fur, or other designs. Attach a tail from paper scraps.

Now comes more fun as you create a story and pretend to be the animal.

Write About It!

Turn your favorite play and pretend ideas into a skit!

Getting Started: You will need to name your animals and choose what your animals are going to do to solve a problem or have an adventure. Write your ideas into a script that gives stage directions and tells what each character will say.

For example-

Scene 1:

Carlos Cat sits on a blanket purring peacefully. The door opens. A dog bounces into the room.

Carlos:  MEOW!!! Go away. I am having nice nap!

The dog comes over to the cat and drops a ball on the cat’s head.

Spot: Let’s play.

Hmmm….. Where could this story go? Maybe the cat tries to find ways to get the dog to leave, but in the end the cat might decide the dog isn’t so annoying after all and comes up with an idea for play they both enjoy…

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