Who You Going to Call? Adventure

A phone saves the day in this adventure story. All you need to know is who to call.
What You Need: pretend or inactive phones, phone books


Practice looking up phone numbers in the phone book and placing pretend calls requesting information, asking for deliveries, and calling for help.

Write About It!

This activity can be played as a game with each team solving the list of problems with their own phone call solutions.

Choose a starting location for the adventure. It should be somewhere in the vicinity of the yellow pages being used.

Write about who is going on the adventure and what the plan is. Some ideas might be: a hiking trip, raft trip, treasure search, camping trip, search and rescue, boat trip

Trials and Troubles

Make a list of four or more challenges the adventurers will face on their journey.
Each trouble must be solved by using a phone call to a real place located in the phone book or online directory.
Write about how the adventurers get into predicaments, and get out of them using smarts and a charged phone! Add the name of the location and phone number into the story.


  • One member falls into a hole. Call Ace Hardware for a ladder and John’s Delivery to bring it to your group.
  • Your group runs out of food. Call Pizza Pizzaz to deliver.
  • You are running out of time to get to the next destination. Call Best Car Rental to make up for lost miles.

Hanging Up!

Describe how the adventure ends with one last call that saves the day and creatively gets the adventurers on track to complete the quest. 

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