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Fairy Tale Dress-Up

Playing dress-up is a great way to play the part and create colorful fairy tale characters to use in all kinds of magical stories.
What You Need: A play box full of fairy-tale inspired clothes and accessories.

Here are some ideas…

  • Fabric pieces and scarfs to use for capes, wings, shawls, sashes…
  • Cardboard cones, coins, wings, crowns, magic wands…
  • Hats- all sorts
  • Easy pull-on clothes
  • Vests
  • Old Halloween costumes
  • Dance costumes
  • Stuffed toy frog
Two girls dressed up in costumes

Two fairy tale characters prepared for adventure and magic.

Play! Try on different combination of outfits. Use safety pins and Velcro to help in the designs. All the time think about the character you are creating. How does this character fit into a fairy tale story? What does the character want in the story? What kind of magic will help? What other fairy tale characters do you meet? Make accessories as inspired by the character.

Act out stories until you have lots of ideas to write your own fairy tale.

Write About It!

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Professor Dictionary Game

Dust off a dictionary for a game that makes learning new words fun.
What You Need: a dictionary, paper strips and pencils, 3 or more players

image of dictionary

Here is all you need to play Professor Dictionary


One person starts as the Professor Dictionary by locating an interesting word found in the dictionary that no one knows the definition.

Professor Dictionary writes the real definition on a slip of paper. If there are several different definitions, the first one or easiest to understand is good enough.

Everyone else writes their best idea for the definition of the word on strips of paper.

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Bag Buddies

Recycle those paper bags into creative animal costumes. Perrrfect for a play you write and act for friends, family, or classmates.

Photo of two children wearing paper bag animal costumes.

Ready to act like cats!

What You Need: grocery-sized paper bags, markers, scissors, tape


With just a few supplies turn paper bags into an animal costume of your choice!

Use one bag for the animal’s head. Draw on features, cut eye holes, and add ears, whiskers, horns or other features of the chosen animal. Cut out holes or slots for arms. Cut extra holes in the back and sides for ventilation. Turn another bag upside down and cut a hole big enough to pull up for the bottom half of the animal. Add markings, stripes, fur, or other designs. Attach a tail from paper scraps.

Now comes more fun as you create a story and pretend to be the animal.

Write About It!

Turn your favorite play and pretend ideas into a skit!

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Who You Going to Call? Adventure

A phone saves the day in this adventure story. All you need to know is who to call.
What You Need: pretend or inactive phones, phone books


Practice looking up phone numbers in the phone book and placing pretend calls requesting information, asking for deliveries, and calling for help.

Write About It!

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