Adventure Props

What would James Bond be without his gadgets? How could an explorer make discoveries without equipment?
In this activity a group of interesting objects is just what it takes to solve problems and escape from danger.
What You Need: a collection of objects that might be used in interesting ways on an adventure

How can these objects help a detective?

  1. Collect six or so objects
    To add to the fun, have each person bring  1 or 2 objects
  2. Talk about what each object might be used for besides conventional uses. Hmmm.. tape could be used to lift fingerprints, a flashlight taken apart to store a secret message…
  3. Act out possible scenes  play charades to have others guess what how each prop is being used as a tool for adventure.
  4. Mix it up by having the adventure take place in different locations. How does this change what the prop is used for?

Write About It!

Setting the Scene

  • Choose a location and main character for the adventure story. Will it take place in a city, the Arctic, at sea, in a desert, in your own community?
  • Is the main character a detective, explorer, inventor, archeologist, or a curious kid?
  • Are other characters in your story? Will there be friends to help? Enemies to avoid?
  • Describe your location and main characters.

Seeking Adventure, Finding Trouble

Part of the fun of writing an adventure is thinking up all the trouble the adventurer gets into and how they figure out how to solve challenges.

Think of three problems the adventurer has on the way to making the discovery. Make each one harder and more dangerous to solve to add to the suspense!

Save the Day With a….

Be creative and have characters use the props to help them get out of snags, find clues, and make progress toward finding what they are after.

Narrow Escape

Use the final prop as the cleverest way for the adventurer to solve the last problem before escapade is finished. Now that the adventure is over, what will the characters do next with their success?

Turn this into a fun Game!

Make cards with different locations, main characters, and goals

Each child or team draws a card from each category

Stories are written as a group or individual using as many of the objects as possible

Compare stories to see how clever the props were used in each adventure

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One thought on “Adventure Props

  1. Anonymous

    A delightful writing activity. The classroom would be alive with the kids sharing their adventures.

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