Magnificent Museum

Turn collections and creative artifacts into a museum with labels and signs to inform and entertain.

kids museum photo

The Amazing Dinosaur Museum

What You Need:

collection of interesting objects found and/or made

a space to set up displays such as a card table, counter, or closed boxes

paper and pens to make labels

tape, clay and craft sticks for holding up signs


Sort through your favorite collections for object to put on display in your museum.

Make other objects to add to your museum collection. For example: a clay dinosaur bone, a miniature mask, beads strung as jewels, clay arrowheads, miniature artwork

Decide how you want to display the collection for the museum.

Write About It!

1. Make up stories about why each object is famous and important.

2. Look for information about real artifacts to include in your museum.

3. Design labels and signs to go with the museum artifacts.

4. Create brochures that tell about the most famous museum artifacts- how they were found and why they are special

Museum Opening! Make invitations announcing the opening of the museum to your friends and family!

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