Big Animal Adventures

Create life-size animals to act out amazing adventures, then write a book of favorite animal tales.

What you need:
large cardboard or paper, tempera paints, brushes

Big Animal Baby Elephant and Frog

Draw a large animal on the paper or cardboard. Make it almost as big as you! Paint the outlines of the animal in dark colors. Let dry. Come back and fill in the spaces with colors you choose. Let dry. Add details like hair, eyelashes, eye color, etc.. Now, have some fun playing with the animals and thinking up amazing adventures.

Write About It!

Getting Started:

Use these questions to get the pencils or keyboard in action:
What is your animal’s name? Where does it live? Where did it come from? What does it like best of all? What does it need?

The Adventure
Take your animal on an adventure as it searches for something it needs, wants, or cares about. Who does your animal meet along the way? How does this animal help in the adventure? What obstacles do they come across? How do they solve their challenges?

Finding the Way
End your story with a solution. How does the animal find what it is looking for? What will it do now that the quest is complete?

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