Eggcellent Riddles

Hatch some fun with this animal riddle game that doubles as an egg hunt!

What you need: plastic eggs used for egg hunts, permanent markers or paint pens, oven bake clay

Play! Write!

Some possibilities...

1. Use oven-bake clay to make animals that hatch from eggs. Form animals small enough to fit inside the eggs.

2. Research to find interesting facts about the animals you choose. Unusual information make riddles trickier to solve and more fun to write.

3. Clever riddles are like puzzles. Choose four facts to write into clues. The clues lead to the answer without being too obvious.

4. Write the clues on the outside of the egg. Place the clay animal inside.

5. Hide the eggs! Once eggs are collected the fun continues as clues are read and animals guessed before opening each egg to see what pops out.

Riddle Tips

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