Cartoon Self-Portraits

Self portraits can be awkward and hard to get just right. So lighten up and exaggerate your best features by making a cartoon self-portrait.
What you need:
mirrors, brown paper or recycled paper bags, black paint, paint brushes, oil pastels

  • Have fun making silly faces to each other and into the mirrors to see how to exaggerate expressions of surprise, happiness, worry, shyness, and other other emotions you wish.
  • Choose an exaggerated face to draw on the brown paper, the larger the better.
  • Paint over the main lines with black paint for an outline cartoon effect
  • When dry, fill in spaces with colorful oil pastels

Write About It!

Place the cartoon portraits on a wall and stand back to admire the work. What kind of emotions are being shown by the cartoon faces? Pretend the portraits are talking; what do they want to say? Cut out large cartoon talk bubbles to create funny cartoon conversations between the portraits.

Hint: Recycle old laminated posters or projects to make wipe-off talk bubbles.  Vis-Vis pens wipe of with a damp cloth for lots of conversation changes. You might want to have a dialogue switch where everyone changes what they are saying at a given time throughout the day.

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