Off to See the Wizard!

Using the Wizard of Oz as a starting place, gives children a story structure they can adapt and turn into a magical adventure of their own making.


Photo of children acting out scene from Oz

Acting Out Adventures in Oz

Children choose what characters they want to include from the famous book and movie, or add their own characters to the mix.

Make costumes! These can be simply constructed from all kinds of simple recycled clothes, scraps, cardboard, and used Halloween costumes.

Brainstorm the adventures for the characters, either following the main plot of the Wizard of Oz, or making up some new adventures for these lovable characters.

Decide on the setting or multiple settings needed for the adventures. In the photograph, these children acted out the story indoors until they reached the Land of Oz and recorded the story outside using the magical color and sounds of nature.

Write About It!

Write a script with dialogue and action cues. It helps to act out the scenes one at a time as the script is written. This keeps the writing fresh and the process more fun.


After writing the script, practice acting out the story, working out the details, and revising the script. When you are ready use a video camera to make your own Wizard of Oz movie!

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