Rebus Mystery Puzzler

Create a mystery puzzle for your friends and family to solve. Your story uses pictures for some of the words like a rebus. Once you have the story made you cut it into puzzle shape pieces.

Play!mystery puzzle example

What you need to create your puzzle:

  • Stickers of objects and story characters
  • a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock, markers
  • round colored stickers (3/4 ” or 2 cm diameter)
  • manila envelope 6″ x 9″

Getting Ready to Create1.

1. Choose an idea for you mystery. Maybe something has disappeared, someone is acting strange, or something unusual is found.
2. Create characters for your story. You will need at least a main character with a problem and someone to solve it. Use your stickers to help you gather ideas for characters and story objects.

Write About It!

The Mystery Begins: Start you story about the moment your main character discovers the mystery. Describe what the mystery is and what it means to the main character. Who is going to help solve the mystery?

Clue Finder: Describe how the detective finds clues such as paw prints, a message, a trail of crumbs… The clues should lead the detective closer and closer to solving the mystery.

Ah Ha! Describe how the mystery is solved!

Create the Rebus Puzzler

  1. Read over your story and decide which words you will replace with stickers to create a rebus. Can’t find just the right sticker for your story? Use the colored stickers to make your own sticker pictures.
  2. Copy your story onto the card stock replacing some of the words with the stickers you made or chose.
  3. Cut the story into 20 or so pieces of different shapes and sizes so it is fun to put together.
  4. Decorate an envelope use it to store your puzzle.

Now see who can solve your Rebus Mystery Puzzler!

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2 thoughts on “Rebus Mystery Puzzler

  1. This looks great! We just finished “City of Ember”, so I really love the idea. Thanks! I’m very happy that you found my blog, because now I have you as a new resource! 🙂
    Great site.

  2. Thanks! Love your blog! If you get a chance, let us know how the activity goes for you and your students. I’d love to hear how you adapted this for City of Ember!

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