Funny Flip Books

Create a funny flip book to make silly creatures doing amazing things. Writing alliterations (words that begin with the same letter) adds fun to match-up writing.

flip book example

Funny Flip Book Example Pages

Flip Book Directions:

1. Fold 3 sheets of plain paper together and staple them together along the folded edge to make a book.

2. Draw 2 lines separating the page into three equal sections.

3. Cut through all the pages up to the stapled edge.

4. Draw animals or  other silly creatures on each page. Place their head in the top sections, bodies in the middle, and draw legs in the bottom of each page. Be sure to include the creatures doing something with their feet, hands, or paws.

Funny Flip book example

Funny Flip Book Pages

Write About It!

Now comes the fun of writing. On each section write about the creature.

In the top sections describe the creature using words that begin with the same letters, such as:

The huge hungry hippo…,   The big brown bat…, The wild wide walrus…

In the middle sections use alliteration to describe what the creature is doing:

…makes marvelous marshmallows, ….paints pretty pictures, ….plays perfect ping-pong

In the bottom sections, add what the feet are doing:

…while joyfully jumping, …while tap dancing, …while playing soccer

Laugh Out Loud

Now play some more by flipping the sections back and forth and seeing what kind of silly creatures you make do funny mixed-up activities.

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