Mystery Creatures

Early explorers returned from adventures at sea with descriptions of monster-like creatures. Often these accounts were inaccurate because only a part of the animal was seen and the rest imagined. What kind of creature might you imagine if you thought a whale’s tail, a shark’s fin, and a squid’s tentacles all belonged to the same animal?! Whale Tail Photo

This game is for a group of 3 to 4 players. You will pretend to be members of a crew. Each crew member will write a description of a creature from one tiny peek, then see what kind of creature is imagined by the descriptions.

Get Ready
Get help from someone who is not playing the game. Three toy animals are placed in small paper bags. The same number of dime-sized holes  are cut from different places around the bag as there are players.

photo of paper bag with holes

Here is a bag ready to go!

Write About It!

Each team member takes turns looking into only one of the holes in the bag.
After taking a peek, the player writes a description of what is seen. Include the color, texture, shape, and any other clues.
The bags are traded until crew members have described all three creatures based on their small peek hole.

Guess Who?
Read aloud the descriptions of each animal and try to guess what kind of animal is in each bag. Discuss what kind of animal might be in each bag.

childs writing sample

Sample crew member's writing

Open the bags and see what each animal looks like. How did well did your crew solve the mystery of the creatures?

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