Stick People Adventure

Create fun stick people (or creature) figures and take them on some incredible adventures. What happens when these tiny characters meet find a stapler, a flashlight or your cat! What happens if you take them outdoors?

Draw, color, and cutout characters on index cards and glue them to craft sticks. Add fun details with colored paper, feathers, pipe cleaners or anything else you like. Leave some of the stick poking from the bottom so you can stick the character in a small glob of clay or in the ground so they stand up and you have your hands free to write their tales of adventure!Stick people photo

Write About It!

Start the Adventure
Decide who your main character will be. Tell the story through this character’s eyes. Find a place to begin your adventure. What does this character need or want to do? Give the character a reason to go on an adventure. Maybe your character is looking is trying to make a new discovery, find a new land, or save a kingdom.

When Small is Tall
Describe what the world is like for your small character. What do things look like from the main character’s point of view. What normal object could be dangerous to a small character? Have your main character meet your other characters along the way. Write about why each character joins in the journey.

The Plot Thickens
Add excitement to your story by having the characters get into trouble and difficult situations. How to they work together to get out of harm’s way? How can ordinary objects help them solve their problems. Hmmm That stapler could come in handy, or what about some tape?

In and Out
Don’t forget about taking your characters into the great outdoors to add even more possibilities of danger and excitement.

The End (or is it?)
Decide how your heroes save the day, solve the problem, or make the discovery. How have they changed from going on such an adventure? Is the adventure over, or will these friends start another adventure?

You might even like to start a new chapter!

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