Word Square Wonders

In this clever word game 2-3 players create their own game board from letter tiles, then take turns making as many words as possible.
5 by 5 grid (1 inch graph paper works well or make a table grid on a word processing program five rows and five columns
Letter tiles- include three of each consonant letter and four of each vowel
Container for letters
Score sheet with columns for words and points for each player (see example)
1. Players take turns drawing a letter tile and placing it on the game grid. (Letters can also be printed on the board if this is easier visually)
2. Letters continue to be drawn and placed in the squares until the 25 boxes are filled in.
3. If a word is created by adding a letter, than the player who added the letter earns points for the word (1 point for each letter).

See the examples below to view a sample game.
Example 1                              Example 2                            Example 3

4. The game can end here by totaling the word points for each play OR continue play by taking turns finding words with any adjacent letters in any pattern. Word letter counts are added to the score for each new word created.

Example 4

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