Spy Gadget Adventure

Write a spy mystery full of thrills, danger, and clever escapes. How does your character get out of trouble? With a spy gadget, of course!
Play! Collect cardboard tubes, pipe cleaners, string, cardboard, wires,  markers, glue, or anything else you want to use to make your gadget. Construct the tool so it has movable parts with paper fasteners or bendable wires. What does it do? Your imagination is the only limit. Have fun playing spy games to get lots of ideas for your story. spy gadget model

Write About It!
Story Starter:
Describe your main character. How long has this character been a spy? What is the problem that the spy needs to help solving? What secret information does the spy need? How does the spy feel about the mission? What steps does the spy have to take to complete the mission?

Secret Dangers: What dangers does the spy face during the mission? Who is after the spy? How does the spy get the spy gadget? Does someone give it to the spy or does the spy invent it? Increase the suspense by making the mission more and more difficult and dangerous. How does the spy get past guards, pursuers, alarms, or crack codes necessary to get the important information. How does the spy gadget help?

Mission Accomplished: Who does the spy give the information to? How has this help save people and solve the problem shared in the beginning of your story? Prepare the spy for the next adventure!

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