Pyramid Adventure

Pyramid Adventure

Play! Build a cardboard pyramid by cutting 4 triangles the same size and taping them together. To give your pyramid a sandy look of stone, glue sandpaper to each cardboard triangle. Decorate the pyramid with hieroglyphics. Add clay figures, a tomb, treasure, as secret writing inside the pyramid.pyramid model

Here is a link to pyramids made by children to get you started.

Explore hieroglyphics

Write About It!
Write a story about an explorer discovering the pyramid.

Start the Adventure: Describe the main character. What is this person’s reason for wanting to find a pyramid, or does he/she stumble on it by mistake?

Add Suspense and Challenges: What dangers, puzzles, or other challenges does the explorer overcome to find the pyramid? What happens when the pyramid is found? What does the explorer hear, see, feel?  Are there any trap doors, codes, or tricks to entering the pyramid? What happens when the explorer goes inside the pyramid? What do the hieroglyphics mean? How does the explorer crack the code? Is there anyone who does not want the explorer to be snooping around? What danger might the explorer be in? What does the explorer do to get out of trouble?

Ending the Story: How does your story end? How does discovering the pyramid change the main character? What will the explorer do with the new knowledge or treasures?

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