Criss-Cross Rhinoceros

What you Need:

Grid paper large enough to easily write letters and see words on the page.

2- 4 players

Criss-Cross Rhinoceros Game Board

Example Game

How to Play!

1.Write the word “RHINOCEROS” in the center of the graph paper across or vertically.
2. Players take turns writing words as in an acrostic poem, using a letter from rhinoceros.
3. Words can also be included in the other words.
4. Play stops when no other words can be made.
5. The player with the most letters placed on the grid is the winner.

Have children play with a partner to decide what word to place on the game sheet.
Allow dictionaries to help support correct spelling.
Change the beginning word to fit a special interest or topic.
Add double points for words that go with the theme (for this game, animal words)
Allow challenges. If a word is challenged and misspelled, a turn is missed.

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