Treasure Maps!

Searching for treasure makes a great adventure!

Try this first playful writing adventure with children you know. I am sure you will have as much fun as they do watching the creative adventures unfold. Let us know how it goes! Share a map. Share a story.

Play! Create a treasure map (a brown paper bag makes a great map surface- after drawing the map in can be crinkled to look like the real thing). Here are some directions to get started:Kids Treasure Map

  1. Choose a the treasure. Is it money, gold, a recipe for a magic potion, or a batch of chocolate cookies? Draw an X on the map to mark the spot.
  2. Draw about 5 landmarks on the map that add a challenging path for anyone who follows the map to the treasure. They can be natural features such as forests, caves, quicksand, rivers, or deserts. They could also be structures such as castles, tunnels, bridges, and towers.
  3. Give each landmark a fun name and make a map key to help those questing treasure find their way.
  4. Draw a path that winds through each of the places drawn on the map that ends at the treasure.

Write About It! Bring the map to life by writing a fantastic treasure hunting story. Here are some steps and questions to encourage young authors to take off on their own.
Who will be the treasure seeker in your story? This person makes a great main character. Write about why it is important for this character to get to the treasure. Does he or she want it for a good reason or for a greedy reason?

Write about the adventures the character has at each landmark on your map. Describe what the character sees, hears, and feels. Is this place dangerous? What problem does the character need to solve to move to the next location?

Add danger or challenges the character needs to overcome at each location. You might want to make the journey more and more difficult as the character gets closer to the treasure. What other characters does the main character meet along the way? Do they help or get in the way of the treasure seeker’s quest?

Finish the story by finding the treasure. What does the treasure look like? How does the character feel when the treasure is found? What will the character do with the treasure now that it is found?

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